SMART WALLS®” is the Brand Name Service Mark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  The Trademark provides Exclusive Protection for the use of the Brand Name when associated with the services provided by the Owner of the Trademark.  The current Owner of the Registered Trademark is JTE Inc.


The Services associated with the Brand Name are the design & construction of outdoor walls which include outdoor highway barriers, outdoor noise, security and privacy barriers, and earth retaining barriers.


The manufacturing of the outdoor wall’s pre-manufactured panels is usually made from concrete that require molds and as all the outdoor wall types mentioned above are made from the same set of molds which are also referred to as forms, we refer to the forms as the SMART WALLS® Form System.


The same SMART WALLS® Form System can make many types of wall panels and many variations in size and finish of the same wall system.  The SMART WALLS® Form System was originally conceived and patented under USPTO Patent # 5372349 which has now expired but can be expanded upon given current updates which have not been patented as of this date.  The Trademark and Registration of the Trademark remain in full force.


SMART WALLS® Form System have in the past, and can in the future, be configured to produce wall panels and accessory concrete components such as precast concrete coping and precast concrete traffic barriers that can be incorporated into the structural wall and barriers of all types and sizes.


The SMART WALLS® Form System and a License Agreement for the use of the Services/Trademark is being packaged For Sale by JTE Inc. to a qualified user.